KPK made recitation of Quran compulsory for class 9th to 12th.

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KPK Elementary and Secondary Education Department informed about making study of Quran compulsory for class 9th to 12th. For the academic year 2022-23, KPK decided to teach Quranic teachings as a compulsory subject in class 9 and 11. Now students of class 10th and 12th will also study Quran in the academic year 2023-24.

The notification also said that the education department has formed a committee to allocate marks for the subject of Quran Studies and to prepare question papers for the subject. However, this committee will also make arrangements for minorities. Therefore, below are some of the recommendations provided by the committee.

  • 150 (75+75) marks will be allotted for the subject of Quran Studies for SSC and HSSC respectively, and all related arrangements will be made in time.
  • For non-Muslim students, SSC and HSSC will have 150 (75+75) marks for ethics subjects.

Apart from this, the committee also made recommendations regarding the format of the question paper and other related matters.

According to a notice from the KP Education Department, the government has approved the proposals and informed the authorities concerned about the subjects of study of Quran from 2022-23 session to 9th and 11th class and thereafter from 2023-24 to 10th and 12th class. Teaching is directed.

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