Karachi University decides on admissions to associate degree programs

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For the past few days, the decision to enroll in associate degree programs has been made in consultation. After consultation with a senior KUK representative, Karachi University allowed admission in associate degree programs. However, he added that only those who successfully pass the Intermediate will be admitted to the ADP. The interim registrar of the university, Prof. Maqsood Ansar, announced the decision. The student will apply immediately and will only apply to students who have passed their entrance exams in 2021.

According to the notification, admissions to ADP programs will start from April 11 and the new session will start from April 20. Karachi University is hosting the second batch of 2022. Karachi University enrolled in the first batch of AD programs with intermediate students who were promoted under the Corona Virus Promotion Policy. It is also worth mentioning that ADP’s annual examinations will be held in July 2022. In addition, final examinations for BA, B.Sc, and B.Com and supplementary examinations for students of previous batches will start from May 20.

The annual BA, B.Sc and B.Com examinations will be held in different phases, the first phase of which will start on May 20 with the B.Com examinations. BA exams will be second and B.Sc exams will be in the final stages.

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